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Deepak is an amazing professional and always is right on the spot with his answers. He is thorough, polite and patient. His technical support is crucial!


Thank you for making the correction and processing my request expeditiously!!!

- David Smith

Lisa jumped in to help us solve an AMAZINGLY frustrating problem that we and all our team were having accessing LEED OnLine. Your IT guys did something over the Holidays that blocked our access. I do suggest that the fix be posted somewhere on the website. There are probably hundreds of people struggling with this, thinking they have a computer problem, when the problem is at USGBC.

- Leo Roy

Tim provided exceptional service on this most recent inquiry. His response was was thorough and prompt, and together with the GBCI response, provided a comprehensive answer to our request.

- Craig Riley

Excellent service!

- Mika Kim

Dear David, thanks so much for your great help for your help. Regards, Mercy

- Mercy

Thank you so much for your help! We will discuss on project registration by tomorrow.

- Mercy

Thanks for a quick response to our inquiry!

- Maggie Edelstein

Thanks for your support

- Mercy

Keep up the good work.

- Gregory Bergmiller

Thank you so much!

- Mercy

Jonathan answered a technical energy modeling question while teaching me about another approach to DES energy modeling. His repsonse was VERY helpful.

- Dave Hubka

Great clear feedback.

- Vickie Breemes

thank you!

- Mercy

This was perfect! Answered the question totally and thoroughly with links for additional information. And the response was super quick! The speed of the response and the detailed, tailored information are what made this a WOW experience!

- Mary Lea Tucker

Thank you so much for your big help!

- Arash Ghahramani

Thank you for your speedy response, promise of appropriate follow-up action, and timeline for providing answers to my questions.

- James Reinertsen

Thank you David!! That was a quick response and it is such a relief to know that there was a solution!

- Melissa Ho Sanchez

I've had Lauren help me SO MANY times that I'd have to spend quite a lot of time reviewing my archives for details and/or to pick the best examples. Suffice it to say that Lauren is ALWAYS chipper, thoughtful, thorough, quick and a delight to deal with. BRAVO! Andrew M. Gil, AIA, LEED BD+C Past Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, USBGC NYU Chapter Associate, HOLT Architects

- Andrew Gil

I really appreciate the USGBC working with me... to help me with my account and to extend my maintenance period so I can maintain my credential is really very nice. I appreciate it very much! Thank you!!!

- David Taylor

As always, you were there with an answer to my questions! Thanks for your help. Todd

- Todd Felger

There was a discrepancy regarding my test score, and Megan was quick to clear everything up. Thanks for the help.

- Chris Mojica

Eric was extremely helpful in resolving the registration issues with this new project. Furthermore, Eric is extremely knowledgeable of the new LEED Online format and clearly identified and explained several tips for navigating the new format. This was a very good experience and I appreciate the personal attention! Best regards, Jeff Ross-Bain, PE, LEED Fellow

- Jeff Ross-Bain

The reply was much awaited. It is very clearly written and lists out the steps involved in the process of re-registering to a new version in a sequential and very comprehensive manner . thank you

- Ashwini KT

forgot to give you the smile on the last comment

- Kathy A Burke



Thank you for the quick response and service. This was an important project and your help will keep the US Navy doing more work with LEED and the USGBC.

- Dan Whittet

amazing service!!

- Sally Fields

Marvelous patience and resilience!

- Peter Gorer


- Ahmed

Thanks David for the helpful reply

- yousef Zakaria

Received the documents I requested within 2 days.

- Patty

Great response with clear direction. Thank you!

- Michael Chow, P.E., CxA, LEED AP BD+C


- Charlie Zhu

Thanks for your help !

- Charlie Zhu

accurate and fast response

- Mohamed Hawas

Ms. Fisher provided a prompt, precise reply. The email was direct and detailed yet communicated a positive and professional approach.

- S. Patrick Childers

The infomation you provided is very helpful. It is clear and precise. Thanks for you excellent work.

- hengzhou huang

David did a great job responding to my question quickly and thoroughly!

- James Lemmon

You helped me concerning particular issues related to specific credits, that made my trip from Italy to New Orleans!

- Francesca Galati

Yes very helpful info. with a quick response.

- Brad Davidson

Very quick reponse. Clear committment to understand issues and to solve them.

- M.Elena Gasperini

Excellent information

- Mukesh sajwan

Very clear. So much so that I had to double-check the from field to make sure it was from GBCI. (Sometimes you guys can be so cryptic.) Thanks! djs

- Darryl Strouse

Really helpful and compromised with our case.

- Liliana Rodríguez

Quick answer and direct to the point.

- Hugo Lima


- Hina Kidwai

El sr. Noe me atendió de manera correcta y me permitió la información necesaria para lo que yo requería.

- Arturo Garcia

Great Support!

- Mercy

very clear explain

- wang shijie

I was happy to receive a personal response that my submission was recieved.

- Susi Price

She is assisting me in every way possible.

- Alexander

Yes, you WOWED us, both me and my client. I was not aware of this directive, so I warm-heartedly thank you for letting us know. It was a huge relief.

- Andres Schwarz

Carly provided extremely helpful feedback to our team during our call so we could clarify how the project's LEED credits were earned.

- Conor McGuire

Very informative. Much appreciated!

- Doug Emery

Very much covered what I need

- Baldomero Din

Thank you Travis for your assistance, you were able to correct the necessary information, and did it fast! I appreciate your assistance.

- Chris Priest

thanks a lot for your reply, and that will help me a lot.

- Brooke Yu

Thanks for your detailed reply.That's quite helpful for our communication to the owner!

- Liang zhao

GREAT Response time, and timely information! Thanks a lot!!!!

- Dennis Dong

Thank you for your continued help with our array of inquiries. We really appreciate the valuable information you provide and the timely manner in which you do so.

- greenSTUDIO

Thanks. Excellent.

- Naveen R Thacker

Thanks for answer

- Matt Abid

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us to discuss the LEED Proven Provider program in such detail. We hope to be a participant in the future.

- Kim Limbaugh

He is the best!

- Mehmet Okumus

You help us very much, thank you for your effort.

- Beyza Kasapoglu

It is great to work with David. The LEED process is a massive and detailed event. He brings calm and professionalism to the process.

- Steve Edwards

Thank you very much for your reply

- sirajkapoor

Responsive and proactive in his support

- Hamoda Youssef

I called requested a verification of my LEED status. Explained my options and sent the letter to me while I was still on the phone.

- Edward MacLeod

Prompt and professional response that resolved my pending case within seconds.

- Elias Abbud

Great work on addressing/researching new items on all of the WELL queues!

- Michael Kawecki

Response was simple and clear

- George Jacob

Great job helping me set up a unique and complicated master site project. Thanks David!

- James Lemmon

Very thorough and complete answer. Thanks!

- Edward Aul

Thanks Amanda! It was a very complete feedback and gives us clarity on the way to go to solve the issue. Saludos!

- Diana Carro

This is very good customer service. Thank you for bringing our oversight to our attention. Keep up the good work!

- Frank Sherman

Thanks David - once again good and timely advice!

- James Lemmon

Precise answer for what i have asked. Further, it answered another closely-related inevitable question which i would have asked. In other words, the answer was comprehensive yet concise. Thank you.

- Khalid Eissa

David, thank you for helping to resolve our project's inquiry. We appreciate your responsiveness and attention to detail.

- Josh Arnold

Thank you for the timely and concise response!

- RP Bohannan

You were professional and polite. Thank you for the quick response to my request.

- Richard Wells

Thanks for your response!

- Zane Lichtneger

Thank you for your help with my designation and allowing me to continue with maintaining it. You far exceeded what my expectations were for resolution of this and I cannot thank you enough!!!

- Vinnie Del Borrello

Your explanation was very clear and informative. You answered my question perfectly.

- Kathy

Quick response and very helpful. Thanks

- Jose Guevara

You get a WOW for working during Greenbuild :)

- Dave Hubka

Lisa responded in one day and found the precise problem that needed correction. She explained the issue clearly. Thank you! I greatly appreciate her help, as the project team has worked hard to maintain high goals.

- Garrett Ferguson

Thank you for replying without delay and straight to the point. It is always a great help to get answers from you when the LEED reference guide and other material are in grey areas.

- Raymond Salfiti

Prompt and clear answer! Thanks, Rozana


Good job on giving me clear, concise and complete information! I'll be able to follow through without asking additional questions - much appreciated.

- Monganita Brown

Marni Evans gave a very comprehensive explanation and answered all my questions about SF and FTE. Many thanks for great service!!

- Janus Welton, RA,CSBA,LEED AP BD+C

Thanks for the excellent follow up after our meeting in the GBCI Work Zone!

- Michelle Reott

I received a very clear answer.

- Maddalena Vitali

Thank you for your prompt and courteous attidue in in resolving my issues

- Pat

Wonderful communication and coordination between the Well and GBC institutes. Thank you so much for making this easy process.

- Pawel Mikolajczak

Tim was very prompt and professional in his responses. Thanks so much!

- Frank Gaugler

Brilliant! I have been working on this project for only a year an a half whereas others on my team have been on this for almost four. It is very satisfying to see us finally get to this point. It will be a great source of civic pride if the project receives certification. I hope that the reviewers are impressed. Thank you for your help.

- Geoff Reiner

Very Nice and Friendly !

- may

You got this issue addressed in record time. Thanks so much.

- David Groseclose

Thanks to a timely response

- Quanhong Tao

I very much appreciate the awesome project assistance Emily offers. When faced with unique challenging projects, she has jumped right in with us as if she were a member of the project team! Thank you so much for all of the support and excellent service! Definitely WOW.

- Levi Jimenez

GREAT help; invaluable. And ENDLESS patience (with me), wow!

- Andrew M. Gil, AIA, LEED BD+C, USGBC NYU Vice Chair

Tim relentlessly followed up on credential renewal for one of our senior architects. He always follows through when we ask him to assist with our firm's global CMP challenges and I am always impressed by how far above and beyond he goes to help each one of my colleagues.

- Anica Landreneau

Katie - Expedites request very quickly which streamlines the management portion of my position.

- Greg Kight

Quick concise answers and follow up to the issue. Made our BIG issue into a solvable doable solutiion.

- Yechiel Wachtel

Tim goes above and beyond to meet our needs. In this case we needed an extension for credentialing maintenance and he put a lot of time and energy into determining whether and how to do this. it is greatly appreciated.

- Anica Landreneau

Awesome assistance Amanda! You walked me through the steps needed to resolve a very pesky problem. You even fixed a problem with recording a point while we were on the phone. Very helpful, very qualified. Thank you!

- Mike Moore

David, your response was clear, concise, and very informative. I learned from your response, and that to me is important. Also, your instructions were spot on. Thank you.

- Eric Carbonnier

Hi David, Thank you for response to Baran's question. I have an idea about the feedback timing issue: If it is possible for USGBC, I and my team can be LEED specialists like you. For example firstly we can answer questions that are asked from Turkey and Middle East etc. Is it possible to work with USGBC like this? Best.

- Mehmet Okumus

we really appreciate the way David Sheridan handled our query! once we had direct communication going with the GBCI, our issue was resolved incredibly quickly and just within a matter of a few days, which allowed us to submit our certification for final review, something the client was anxiously awaiting. Thank You!

- Jutta Berns-Mumbi

Actually understood my feedback, THANKED me for my feedback , and gave me the sense that it is valued and I should keep it coming. Breath of fresh air.

- Sara

Hi Dave--Nice to hear from you! It is indeed 'that' Rob Watson. I knew the answer to the question, but the client feels more comfortable with an official answer & I really appreciate you getting back to me so quickly. Let's catch up soon:

- Rob Watson

Your response was timely and got directly to the point.

- richard miller

Hi Peggy, It's amazing that you can read my mind. The ansewr is very clear. And now I understand the payment completely. Thank you again for your quick reply and kindness! Have a nice day! Best Regards, Rena

- lina lu

My sincere thanks in resolving this issue for me. At first news (not by you) I was dismayed with the fact that my company must forfeit the testing fee for rescheduling. But...thanks to your involvement the situation was clarified and I can reschedule without additional charge. I have no problem giving you a WOW RATING on this one. Regards, John Trotta Vice President Operations

- John Trotta

Prompt and professional. Similar to that of Apple and Bose service. Bravo and appreciated. Drew Nagy, SIOR, LEED AP

- Drew Nagy

Lee has been very responsive and proactively reaching out to us.

- Andrew Gustyn

Thank you for the follow up and quick response.

- Anthony

I was having some difficulty submitting a project that we have been waiting some time to submit. The project is long overdue for many reasons. I had a previous email from David Sheridan assisting me with Registration of the project, so I reached out. I honestly did not expect a response when I got to my computer the next morning... that has not been my experience with GBCI Feedback or other communications. David provided a prompt, clear and concise explanation of what I needed to do. Easy-peasy. No frills, no mess... The project is submitted, the Owner and team are notified. We await review comments and welcome the eventual project Certification. Thanks David...

- Brian A. Sehnert

Excellent customer service! Glenn took care of what I needed.

- Andy Rhoades

Dear Anita, Thank you for your kind reply, the information you provided is very helpful for us. Have a nice day! Best regards, Rena

- Lina Lu

Thanks for the warm welcome, Megan! :)

- Lisa Allen

Bob always provides a complete and clear response to the highly technical questions sent to him by the team of experts at Transwestern. Without Bob it would have been much more difficult to achieve perfect reviews or write our v2009 and v4 Volume programs.

- Dave Hubka

Jonathan responded immediately to a very technical energy modeling question. His response was complete yet concise and easily understandable. Thank you Jonathan!

- Dave Hubka

TIMELY AND RESPONSIVE- and always going beyond the call of duty

- pauline

dera nandita im nery happy to write you im fact its my peasure to write you concerning our cameroonian student that i need to sent in torronto or US to learnt LEED at this stage we need the details concerning the applications of our students to travel to us or canada university to training thanks atangana philippe herve president of green building council of cameroon tel 0023756738541

- atangana philippe herve

Customer care rep. immediately understood what I needed, suggested solutions, and sent e-mails with all information as we were discussing. Great job!

- Salah Osman

Marta: Was extremely helpful as this is my first time as Project Administrator. She provide necessary information when needed and I feel went above and beyond her job to help. As a first timer stumbling my way through she was able to navigate me in the correct direction. It has been a great learning experience.

- Jenna Horrigan

He is very polite and whenever I ask a question, he respond as soon as possible.

- mehmet okumus

Viki is absolutely sensational. She is a true asset to your organization and should be recognized as such.

- Richard Miller

Thank you for the quick turnaround and thorough, applicable answers to my questions about MRc5 documentation details.

- Tom Dietsche

So great to get a real person to respond with clear explanations with direct and relevant reference to the credit intent and shine a light on the shadowy, inconsistent and seemingly capricious LEED review process. Thank you.

- Aileen Horn

Very thorough! The best answer I've received from GBCI. Thanks a lot, and keep it up!

- Alejandro Rivera

Ms. Allen assisted our project team on resolving a project inquiry. The matter involved intense back-and-forth coordination among the review team, owner and consultant, as well as references to other projects. On all correspondences, Ms. Allen responded promptly with exceptional care to details, politeness, and outstanding communication skills. The experience was above and beyond our expectations, and was very helpful in moving the project forward.

- Jason Wang

Thanks for upgrading my phone. The phone works great and now I am prepared for Greenbuild!

- Tim Taylor

Thank you Ma'am Lauren! Such a quick response.

- Josh Garcia

Glen promptly solved my issue! Thanks Glen!

- Ashonta Langdon

Thanks for the quick and thoughtful response. The guidance you gave was clear and easy to follow, and your help with a difficult issue was much appreciated. The addition of a LEED Coach to the customer support staff has been a big help for people like me who have to manage a lot of certifications on a campus. The ability to get expert feedback and explanations from GBCI in this way has been invaluable. Much appreciated!

- Todd Lynch

Thank you very much ! Alex

- May Lv from CBRE

Resolved an important certification process issue for the owner and the LEED team so that we can submit our project for a combined Design and Construction preliminary GBCI review. Much appreciated.

- Kelly McArthur Ingalls

Very prompt response/help Thank you Brian! E

- Elena de Leaniz

The clarification on these credits really helped our team for this recertification and will help us going forward on other projects to improve our overall submittals. We appreciated the detailed explanations and this follow-up email for further reference. Thanks Matthew! :)

- Johanna

Thanks a lot for the great support

- Mercy

Good and clear answer

- Susana saiz

Jackie is able to provide technical information, maintain an agenda and communicate to an entire project team. Her positive attitude, expertise, and meeting preperation have been invaluable. Thank you Jackie!

- Alana Spencer

Had a great call with Jackie this week. We are working on a project that has an unusual situation. She was very good at listening to our challenges, proposed path and giving feedback on the direction we should head. This is a marked difference from the years of frustration trying to figure out how to help projects pursue LEED with little resources available from USGBC/GBCI, or helplines manned by people who didn't really know LEED. Keep up the good work.

- Suzanne Robinson

Vijaya provides straight forward, honest, and very helpful responses in an extremely timely manner. She is indeed a true asset to the USGBC organization!

- Mike Leonard

Kate ROCKS! She responded promptly to an email acknowledging our our project team's request for feedback on a particular project issue and let us know that she would be back in touch - which she did, and we greatly appreciate.

- Mike Leonard

Thanks for the prompt response!

- Adil Nour

Melissa delivered an excellent presentation. Very informative and insightful. On behalf of the National Association of State Facilities Administrators, (NASFA) it was our pleasure coordinating the event and we look forward to future opportunities work to work with Melissa and the USGBC!

- Chris DeVore, President, National Association of State Facilities Administrators

The response was quick, professional, and answered all the questions I had! Pleasure to work with

- David Wood

Outstanding service giving me helpful information promptly on the phone. I didn't even have to wait on the phone to talk to a live person!.

- N. Seshaagiri

Nice work honoring an Owner's request, benefiting the Owner and probably making things easier for the Review team as well. A win-win! Much appreciated.

- James Reinertsen

Thank you, and GBCI, for the re-review of the credit!

- Dave Hubka

Thanks for being accommodating, very helpful.

- Tom nielsen

The GBCI team was very well prepared and offered clear answers and guidance for the design team to successfully proceed.

- Douglas Brinkley

Lee is always VERY responsive and effective at getting things either requested or scheduled for me. I appreciate that in a person in his position. Ulitmately...I always feel like I'm his only account (although I know he probably has a dozen).

- Landry Watson

Excellent follow up and the information is very much appreciated. Thanks so much!

- Alex Grella

Very effectively started the process to correct our certification problems. Was kind enough to call me as requested and connect us with the review team as needed later in the process. Clear communication and could identify the problem quickly. Summarized call with a followup email.

- Henry Richardson

Thanks to you, David Sheridan and GBCI/USGBC for the continued support to LEED projects and your will to allow these projects to fulfilling it's LEED goals. David's follow up needs special mention.

- Errol Colaco

David is helping me set up a unique and complicated LEED project - part juvenile rehab detention center / part school / part camp / part residential dorms. His instructions are very clear and prompt. I would have been completely lost without his help. Thanks David!

- jimplemmon

Thanks so much for a quick and thorough response.

- Miles Britz

Lauren has been always willing to help our team regarding questions of LEED projects or anything related to, with precise feedback and quick responses. Thank you!

- Mayela Salazar

Very quick response to my inquiry! I really appreciate that!

- Tom Hughes

Getting support from Lisa was amazing. She not only solved my concerns but went the extra mile for being quite amable. I truly appreciate her kindness and hope to get support like this again.

- Ignacio Torres Novoa

Very fast and accurate response as always David

- Eric Fischel

Amazing experience. Very fast replay, managed to solve my problem and got me back on track in no time. I am so pleased to have made my communication with the customer service. Thank you Sharda for your understanding and thank you so much USGBC for helping people around the world. Now, and after this experience, I am motivated more than any time ever to earn more credentials. I am so much looking forward to it. Leed for homes is my next challenge. Thank you again Sharda and love you USGBC.


I wish USGBC would perfect cloning and clone 100 copies of Lauren Hauck. She is a wonderful account manager and should be considered for president of USGBC.

- Bob Jones

Hi Shraddha, You did a great job. Your guidance is very detailed, just what I need for my (very challenging) project.

- Sylvia Renes

Very Quick and EZ thanks Greg Callender

- Greg Callender

Thank you so much for your patience and consideration. I appreciate the extension very much and will aim never to be in this situation again. Sincerely, Paul Kinley

- Paul Kinley

Thank you for the immediate response on a high profile project pursuing platinum!!

- Dave Hubka

Dear David Sheridan, Your reply is very helpful and timely. Thank you for your kind help, which is highly appreciated. Have a nice day~ Best regards, Rena

- Lina Lu

Michael goes above and beyond to provide EXCELLENT customer service!

- Michelle Reott

Answered my question and provided all pertinent information

- Adele Richert

Very knowledgeable about the subject. Also took the time to explain it and make sure we had a better understanding.

- Jim Williamson

Thank you for a very quick, detailed and complete response - and over the holiday season too.

- Paul Tyrrell

Jackie's reply to my request was very quick and the explanation as to next steps I need to take was clear and precise. She added links into her response that assisted in directing me to the proper website locations. She was personable and I appreciated the ability to reply directly to any questions that I may have had.

- Michelle

Dawn was precise and crisp with her information :)

- Abhinay Sharma

very fast response thanks

- michael johnson

thanks for very quick response

- michael johnson

appreciate very fast response...

- michael

HI Shontae, Thank you so much for your kind help. Have a nice day. Best regards, Rena

- Lina Lu


- Mercy

Fast and clear answer!

- Patrick Wittwer

Thanks !

- Shaker

I clearly understood Jeremy's answer

- Cheza

I appreciate Meghan 's prompt reply and considerable suggestion !

- May Lv

Nandita always provides timely and informative feedback - she's a great help to our team!

- Mike Leonard

Very helpful. now I have a few places to check for reference .

- Miles Britz

She was very helpful. I received the email containing what i needed promptly. Good customer service with a positive friendly attitude.

- Kyle Morris

Efficient, polite, clear.

- Constantino Latada

Thanks a lot !

- May

Meghan successfully resolved a knotty issue I had in making a payment to LEED. She was courtesy and helpful.

- Ed Gaddy

Elizabeth's compassionate response was a pleasant surprise!

- Richard J. Fitts, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

The reply is helpful, thank you so much!

- Pantene PAN

Concise helpful information.

- Jim Magee

Thanks for being so helpful with this complicated situation. It helps the team navigate the re-registration!

- Lily Livingston

Hi Jackie, Thank you for taking care of this for me so quickly! You really took the pain out of what is normally a slow and bureaucratic process. Much appreciated. Allison

- Allison Annesley

The information was fine and I replied to the mail as requested but I did not get any reply as of now.


Thank you for the clear response.

- Lewis Wood

Jackie responded to my question very clearly and quickly! Thank you so much!

- Tianfang Jiang

thanks; good job.

- norm scheel

We encountered a LEED Online glitch and it was fixed immediately! Thank you Cynthia!!

- Dave Hubka

Appreciated David's quick response, clear directions and support regarding a issue I had on a final review submission. His help was critical for this particular project team.

- Ted Spear

Thank you! Your kind and quick response has made our work easier. We appreciate your helpful feedback

- Andres Schwarz

Very courteous, informative and knowledgeable.

- Conn Fraser

Thank you Corey for addressing this request so promptly, very much appreciated.

- Ted Spear

Thank you very much for you assistance and I am hoping to get this completed by the end of August.

- Nasser Dollah

Thank you for such a quick response. It is very much appreciated

- Joanne Williams

Thank you so much

- Dennis Arpon

timely perfect information - thank you

- rick

You gave to the point detalied information. Not many people do that.

- Mark Terzano

Thank you for your reply. I thought you articulated extremely clearly, the path forward in terms of documentation required, and what we need to demonstrate. Thanks, we now know exactly what is expected.

- Nandan Tavkar

Your customer service solution has exceeded my expectations, I am very grateful for the consideration provided!

- Adam

My online e-mail question was answered immediately. I am used toit taking a few days for an answer. Not only did he answer me, he attached the documents I needed.

- Suzanne Hughes


- Mercy

Kristen understood my issue/concern and used her available resources to create a fix.

- Evan Nutt

thank you.

- Lewis Wood

thank you. i am new to this and i am not accredited. so i am on a learning curve. this was very helpful.

- Lewis Wood

Guatam has reacted with great speed and has arranged everything I asked for. It is a truly different experience than with some other, less flexible offices I have contacted with similar demands.

- Samuel Sura

Thank you

- Walaa Salah Eldeen Ismaeel

Quick & cheerful response. I expected to wait days, instead I heard back in hours!

- Tony Rivas

Megan is really helpful and her answers clearly explained my issues.

- Nuttanee

Megan got back to us within the same day, even if our questions required the analysis of non-standard project conditions. She is super efficient.

- Francisco Minoyetti

Thanks. Megan. This is exactly what I needed to know. Appreciate the help. Greg

- Greg Biddinger

So thankful and impressed by the quick response to my request.

- Marlene Moncada


- aj

Very helpful, thanks for the speedy response!

- Anthony Fewlass

thank you for the response!!!

- Mercy

Ms. Neagle thank you very much for your responsive and informative follow up to my request. I am impressed and encourage you to continue the excellence in above average customer service. You and your professionalism are acknowledged and appreciated very much. Keep up the Great Work.

- Daren Danzy

Wonderful e-mail tone, professional and quick to reapond. Over the top helpful compared to some other members I received emails back from.

- Amy Powell

Hi Emily, Thank you for helping me navigate the process. Have a few questions. Will you be in your office Tuesday October 18? Best Regards

- Anthony Touhey

Thank you for your Help and Support!!!

- Mercy

Very helpful

- Chian Yee Leong

Deep thanks for you

- Usama Eita

Very helpful and had at hand relevant docs. Given project changes and since I came to project at late date, I not aware of previous LEED decisions/information......that not LEED fault, and problem w/ project management and long gestation of public projects. It seems we will be able to work through LEED requirements, and hope I can talk to Peggy further if required.

- Todd Willmert

Thank you for the quick response. It confirmed my thought process.

- Ron Metzler

Thank you for your reply and prompt service. The project Owner was most pleased with your work. Thank you.

- Andres Schwarz

Thanks to you I am all set to take my exam.Thanks for your help

- Majid

Jonathan provided an exact response to our technical question. His response was provided the same day the question was received and during non-normal business hours. He has gone above and beyond to keep us, and ultimately our customer, happy. Thank you Jonathan!

- Dave Hubka

Thank you for the digging into this with your colleagues to find a positive solution. I appreciate your thorough and clear response. Best wishes, Rick

- Rick Gabriel

Marni steps up and delivers, again. Thanks for the great organization and information you provided to the our staff in regards to the SITES AP exam. I would never have thought to do that!

- Micah

You are super helpful ! Thanks a lot ! From May Lv of CBRE

- May Lv


- May Lv

Thank you so much !

- May Lv

Dear Ms. Aaron Fiber Thanks a lot for your help, it working properly now. Thanks again

- Usama Eita

Friendly, timely, and excellent customer service

- Rodney Hadley

Dear Todd, Thank you for your kind reply,which is very detail and helpful. Best regards, Rena

- Lina Lu

As always , Thank you for the excellent and specific attention to our questions and your 'can do' attitude. It is appreciated very much.

- David W. Smithers

It was a prompt reply and could understand my problem too.

- N.K.Ojha

Dear Cynthia, Thank you for your kind help, which will be highly appreciated. Have a nice day! Best regards, Rena

- Lina Lu

Dear Todd, Thank you for your patient reply, which is very detal and helpful. Have a nice day! Best regards, Rena

- Lina Lu

Quick and precise reply. Thank you! Susanna

- susanna Detassis

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Dear Shraddha, Thank you so much for your kind help! Merry Christmas~ Rena

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Dawn is wonderful! Merry Xmas!

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Thank you so much Kelli!! Due to your fast response now I can take the exam at I wanted time Thank you again


Actually Dawn Strength and Kenneth were really helpful and they replied to my emails really quick with a supportive information (specially the last email was detailed and clear) . thanks Dawn , thanks Kenneth . you really did WOW me

- Ihab Elkady

Dear Megan, Thank you so much for your kind help! Best regards, THUPDI


Dear Shraddha, Thank you for your kind help! Best regards, Rena

- Lina Lu

Dear Todd, Thank you for your kind help! Best regards, Rena

- Lina Lu

Hi Glen, Thank you so much for your response. I guess my client is over excited that they want to get hold of the certification ASAP. Regards, Milagrosa Tatlonghari

- Milagrosa Tatlonghari

Thanks for your quick and thorough response David! Jim Lemmon

- James Lemmon

Thanks for your quick and thorough response Shraddha! Best, Jim Lemmon

- James Lemmon

Within two hours of submitting my inquiring regarding LEED campus, David responded with a very clear and consiceice response. This was exactly what I needed.

- Megan

The information fulfill my question

- Yacobus Mardagiono

Very helpful and very personable. Understood exactly what I was requesting and provided EXACTLY what I needed! Thank you!

- Paul Kemp




- N.K.Ojha

Thanks for your prompt attention to our concern and for agreeing to waive fees for our appeal submission.

- Andrew Costlow

Leeanna could not have provided any better customer service. It was perfect! She listened to my issue, offered great answers then options for further help and everything was taken care of in one call lasting not more than 10 minutes.

- Nick Desport

Thanks. Very nice and friendly!

- yiqun zhong

Extremely fast and professional response, as always. Please promote this person and/or give him a raise!

- Dan Katzenberger


- sandra doherty

The answer was really helpful.

- Deepnath Majumder

Dear Corey, Thank you for your kind reply and help. Have a nice day. Best regards, Rena

- Lina Lu

Detailed explanation

- soha El Yamany

Great help Jackie. Thank you so much. God bless you.


Dear Todd, Thank so much for your kind help. Have a nice day! Best regards, Rena

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thank you very much !

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Thanks for your help finding the missing text Marni!

- Megan Saffitz

Dear Todd, Thank you so much for your support for a long time. And thank you for your timely response, which is really very helpful. Have a nice day. Best regards, THUPDI


Dear Kanchan, Thank you so much for your kind help! Have a nice day! Best regards, Rena

- Lina Lu

Dear Kanchan, Thank you so much for your kind help! Have a nice day! Best regards, Rena

- Lina Lu

Dawn was awesome for helping me with my USGBC name change issue. She was really clear on what I should do, which was very helpful since I have not been in the states for so long to understand all the norms and regulations . She really made my day!

- Thuy Ray

thank you, Robert, for an incredibly quick, efficient and comprehensive response, which helped me resolve our query and embark on the process of the rating system change. working on LEED projects in South Africa is occasionally challenging and having this kind of support makes all the difference! thank you!

- Jutta Berns

Brief and informative reply , thanks a lot

- Omar

Thank you!

- Danuta Drozdowicz

fast, reliable, efficient--keep up the continuing good work

- susan

It cleared my all doubts. Thanks

- N.K.OJha

The project team had some confusion on a final design ruling for IEQc5 and Jeremy responded and helped clarify our request quickly. We greatly appreciate Jeremy's thorough review of our narrative and credit submittals as well as his recommendations for future projects. LEED Coaches have once again proved to be a valuable resource to our team. Thank you Jeremy!

- Megan

Thanks a lot

- N.K.Ojha

Thanks for prompt reply

- N.K.Ojha


- Mina Mecheal

Great help! I was not familiar with the shortcut you provided to skip the Final Construction Review and accept the Construction Preliminiary Review as final certification. Thank you so much!

- John Bergs


- N.K.Ojha

Quick response to queries! Love it.

- Ray Ojeda

Quick turn around free my call this morning! thanks!

- Fred Phillips

On Project ID 1000062941 Amy scheduled a call the same day a MRC was issued so that she could explain what needed to occur. That is AMAZING customer service. Thank you Amy!!!

- Dave Hubka

Thank you

- N.K.Ojha

Cheryl was great in handling my request. I was wowed due to the fact that everything has to have a detailed report in my world when I have any requests but Cheryl made this super easy for me. She got my information and my items are being sent to me. I am very happy with my experience! Warmest hospitality wishes, Jana Gonzalez Culinary Arts HHS Teacher

- Jana Gonzalez

Thank you for fast and clear response.

- Diana Nezamutinova

Very helpful

- George Zajacek A.I.A

Tessa was extremely helpful and provided great customer service!

- James Gee

Once again, Amy has gone above and beyond to work through a technical project issue. She continues to exceed expectations. Transwestern is very fortunate to have her review our projects.

- Dave Hubka



Millions thanks !

- May Lv

To whom it may concern. Tessa was a delight to work with, wish there were more like her in the work force. Brian

- Brian

Excellent response!!! Thanks a lot!!!

- Mercy

Thanks to Tessa for searching the archives and confirming my 2004 certification. Coordination with the Well institute done on my behalf behind the scenes. Many thanks!

- Pawel Mikolajczak

I'm very impressed with the quick response to my enquiry

- Hala Siror

David thoroughly reviewed our teams question regarding the Master Site approach for a campus and gave us a very clear response. We appreciate the timely manner in which he responded to our inquiry. Thank you!

- Megan Recher

Case 01725642 Thank you very much for your support with my case. I have accessed to my account, my data was there and now I can continue reporting my CMP activity; thanks for your soon answer, regards,

- Luis Fuentes Olivares

Appreciated Thanks for your co-operation.

- Ibrahim Tawfik

Simply marvelous customer service!

- Todd Esperance

Amy responds to my technical inquiries immediately with spot on guidance! WOW!!

- Dave Hubka

Lauren was knowledgable and efficient. She handled my inquiry with professionalism and solved my problem.

- Ryan McGuire

Thank you for your quick reply. It is very clear and helpful.

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I received a prompt respond to my inquire. The answer was very precise and enlightening. Thank you so much!

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Response clerified our query!! Team is releaved by the response,, that you very much ..

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thank you so much !

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Thank you Kenneth for your clear and rapid response! Great Job !

- Raffaele Ciocca

Very quick response and provided me all the information I need to pursue re-gaining my LEED BD+C Credentials!

- Roy Waters

Thank you for the quick response. Your advice was clear and concise and it worked. (Go Patriots!)

- Douglas Flandro

I was asking about guidance on documentation so I could give the right direction to a client and Anita delivered exactly what I needed. Her response saved my client, me and many others a lot of time and effort. So thank you, I really appreciated your superb feedback.

- Ted Spear

The answer was clear and specific

- Hazem Kmal

Amy consistently provides a timely and complete response to my technical questions. MARS is one of our primary customers and they love working with us. This is due in large part to the technical support provided by Amy. THANK YOU! -Dave Hubka

- Dave Hubka

The support provided was excellent.

- khushbu Pandit

Kelli was very quick and helpful to me. Thanks!

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Shraddha, You commented completely and quickly. Thanks very much for going above and beyond to help me. Jennisse

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Everything was done perfectly and in a timely manner! Thank you!!

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- Lucas Cuadros

Kerri was very helpful and efficient. I thought that the problem I was having was going to be a big challenge, but she knew exactly what to do and who to contact.

- Angela

Amy proactively reached out to help resolve an issue on my project review as well as took the time to discuss other v4 technical issues with me. She not only answered all my questions patiently, but also gave me tips on implementation on future projects. Kudos!

- Divya Natarajan

Response time was quick. Instructions easy to follow.

- Nancy Story

Your support is highly appreciated!

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Thank you for your help!

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Thanks for all the help Todd!

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Kerri was very polite and professional, friendly, courteous and very helpful... Going through every question asked with an unmistakable drive at finding possible solutions or answers to my question and/or concerns.

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Thank you for always promptly addressing all issues or questions that come up! Very much appreciated.

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Really commendable for the quick response with the required clarification

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The person with whom I spoke was extremely professional, pleasant and helpful. Thank you for providing excellent customer service.

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Took the time to listen and help to resolve the matter. Was pleasant and knowledgeable. She represents the USGBC wonderfully.

- Richard Rodi

David reviewed our teams questions and his response was thorough and very descriptive. This helps the team move forward in a efficient way. Not to mention, he responded in a very short time. Thank you!

- Megan Recher

Answer my question quick and correct! Thanks Lauren! Merry Christmas! Or 圣诞快乐🎅

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My account sign in issue was resolved quickly and without problems - thank you so much!

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Fast and useful answer to my issue with CE hours from GBRI.

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Associate was very knowledgeble and helpful, helped clear up a difficult issue for me!

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Thank you for your responsiveness and overall willingness to help!

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He was very kind and fulfilled my request immediately, so I was super satisfied.

- Gonzalo Nassar

Liz Cordero is very professional and works in detail. During the Performance Verification stage, she shows techical capable and with patience to explain the procedure to us. Liz understands our concern and have tried her best to arrange PV as soon as possible to meet your need. We appreciate her professional ability, positive manner and cooperation attitude.

- Samuel Wong

thanks for the quick help! I have not asked for help on the past and was surprised to see how easy it is.

- Annika Schuller-Rach

I appreciate having an immediate simple remedy. Peggy

- Peggy Brock

Thanks for taking your time to address our comments.

- Senthil Kumar AR

Hi Anita, Thanks for following up with our email exchanges and giving us a clear information with your experts team. There are always some situation where we are not 100% sure of what to do and it's good to see what you guys are here to support us and answer those questions. We also appreciated your proposed a conference call. Wish you a good continuation, Best, Renaud

- Renaud Gay

Hi. I'm surprised of this new feature of LEED. I'm currently working in 21 different projects located in Mexico and one in Panama and is the first time that I notice this kind of attention to projects located outside the U.S. The alternative paths available for these types of projects are an usefull tool and I believe that with this support and new comunication and feedbacks these tools can be upgraded and be more used among others consultants.

- Jose Noriega

Once again, Eric provided clear guidance for a complicated project site boundary, saving me extraneous time and effort in interpreting MPRs. Eric is prompt, articulate and knows his stuff. He made himself available by phone when I had a tight deadline on a proposal, and I genuinely think his input is going to help us win this project. Thanks again Eric!

- Kate Randolph

Thanks for your response!

- Mercy

Thank you so much for the kind response!

- Mercy

Thank you for so quickly getting me what I needed.

- Mychele Lord

I had a lot of questions for Elizabeth on different topics and she is working on getting me answers. I appreciate the time she took to listen to my questions. Thanks!

- Joy Pentz

You responded directly to all of my questions and included a link to the LEED Inquiry I requested. Thank you.

- Kim Blanford

Hi Peggy, thank you for your kind reply. The infroamtion is very useful to us. Anyway, it's better that I could received the reply a little earlier. Thank you so much!

- Lina Lu

Dear Peggy, Thank you for you quick reply! The answer is very clear and useful for us. Best reagrds, Rena

- Lina Lu

Lee is by far the best contact I have had at the USGBC over the past few years. He's right on top of whatever i ask him, and he always gets back to me very quickly. He's very smart and I've rarely had anyone at ANY busness provide this level of customer service. Thank you!

- Jenny Bloomfield-Sciara

Peggy was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and patient with our project team and helped us deal with some tricky clients (building owners/ developers) when trying to nail down the best rating system for two separate, complex renovation projects.

- Lesley Swick

Luke was amazing: helpful, knowledgeable, thorough, transparent, patient and nice. Completely turned around my preconceived opinion about interacting with LEED reviewers and GBCI.

- Marina

I am very happy that my issue was resolved before the very immediate closing of my date of exam.

- rose

Brian went above and beyond in reviewing a credit for a high profile customer. We were able to provide a very fast turn around time and a very helpful summary due to his work.

- Elizabeth Thompson

Dear Christopher, Thank you for your kind help these days, which will be highly appreciated. Hope we can receive the hard copy this time. Have a nice day!

- Lina

Great concept! Thanks for your clear formulation of it, and for the implicit outreach involved. We have struggled with some teams and their relationships with GBCI ('Interiors', primarily, and certain engineers). This looks promising, though I need to run it by company principals first. Thanks!

- Ivan Weber

Dear Amamda, Thank you for your kind reply and willing to show your hand on such troublesome issue. I'm also discussing this issue with our clients and hope it can be solved at our side. I will contact with you if there is any further issue need your help! Thank you again for your kindness! Have a nice day! Best regards, Rena

- Lina Lu

I love that when i have an urgent need for help, I can ask Elizabeth and I get that urgent help; it is most often a relatively easy situation to resolve and I don't believe that it takes much time from Elizabeth, nor much time from me, but my decade of work within the LEED Ratings systems since LEED V2.1 tells me that, without that quick help from Elizabeth, we would loose days of schedule-time and dozens of billable hours.

- Andrew Gil, AIA, LEED BD+C, 2013 USGBC NYU Board Director

Dear Anita, Thank you for your kind reply, which is highly appreciated. These information are very useful for us. I will continue to follow this issue and maybe need your further help when I collect the enough information. Have a nice day! Best regards, Rena

- Lina Lu

dave did a fantastic job connecting two cases for the same project in live time. the connection he made with the case he was working and and time sensitive issue for the same high profile project in another case was above and beyond and very thorough. he made himself immediately available for a swift resolution. his action here allowed us to stay on track with our promises to the customer. thank you!!!

- Emily Neagle

You explained exactly what we needed to know and told us exactly how to go about doing what we needed to do - in one email.

- Jim Newman

The information was complete and easy to follow. Not only did you answer my question but you gave me my next steps!

- Cathy Hutchison

Travis handled my inquiry very quickly. He stated the problem very clearly which allowed me to provide what information I needed to return. After his receiving the information he handled the problem right away with very good communication skills.

- Stanley Davidson

Great job. Thanks

- Robert Uzarski

Tim always turns around our project inquiries super fast - almost always in less than a day (usually a couple of hours!). this is incredibly important because our clients experience the joys or frustrations of the LEED certification process through our own experiences. Yesterday our KAPSARC community project was returned on LEED Online as though it was a final construction phase review instead of the preliminary review and did not give us access to clarify credits. Tim had this fixed within a couple of hours so we could get our consultants working on clarifications right away. It also gave our client peace of mind.

- Anica Landreneau

Jonathan responds quickly while providing excellent guidance in answer to my questions on what i believe to be the most difficult prereq in any LEED rating system - energy modeling. thanks Jonathan!

- Dave Hubka

Helpful and responsive

- James

Milind responded to a computer non-functioning email on a Saturday and had a working computer back to me in record time, with NO data lost.

- Darci Oberly

Lisa's service was exceptional: I have never had a delightful experience with the USGBC, so this was the first time. To qualify this, you must understand that most of my interactions with the USGBC are banal, but on occassion they are time sensitive. Since I am operatiing out of the middle east (Israel), the culture of patience is a bit different and clients seldom have patience. When I can present them with context they understand better and are more patient. Normally, my communications with USGBC have been cryptic with very little contextural information given. In the past 3 months there seems to be a change a foot and the prior culture of fogg has been replaced with a more transparent one. The more information you give to clients, the better they can make decisions. We are not asking to know your secrets, just to understand the processes that work in the background to make things happen. With this information we can feel more confident in the decisions we make and how they can move us closer to our desired outcomes. Lisa provided me with the contextual information, even if it was not I wanted to hear, to make good decisions that would lead me to a difinative/predictive outcome. That was all I needed to know to proceed with confidence. In addition, she read my email and understood my needs moving forward and leapt ahead to remove any obsticles I would encounter in the future, even offering to personally transmit my request. This was above and beyond my initial request, but critical to my desired outcome. This was truly unexpected. Thank you Lisa for my first delightful USGBC experience.

- Ryan Clarke

Thank you very much for your attention and speed of your response. It has been a great help. It gives us great confidence to know that there is someone on the other side. :)


Definitely a WOW, the answer response was less than 10 minutes.

- Camala Jones



Matt, Thank you for the extra help and time you have spent with me. I really appreciate your availability, the information you have provided, and your willingness to assist me. You really have been a big help getting me started. Thanks again.

- Frank D'Alessandro

You answer my question pretty fast, moreover the answer is great! Thank you!

- Rigoberto Ortiz

Moving our project to V4 resulted in a streamlined process when guided by Marni, thank you very much!

- Francisco Sanchez

Very helpful. And this Benefits page will really come in handy. Thank you.

- Carol Wanda Spradlin

Cynthia did a great job arranging a conference call for this foreign project team and recording the notes in a concise yet comprehensive fashion. She followed-through on any confusing aspects of the case. Her work made it very easy for the energy reviewer and I to just attend, give our input, and get off the phone without having to worry that essential pieces of the puzzle might be left out. Thanks Cynthia!

- Eric

Dear Peggy, it was a pleasure getting in touch with you! Talking to you in person was very helpful since we are so far away, and filling out contact forms couldn't even do half the job. Besides, you helped us very much by finding the right answers within the official documents and pointing them out to us. All the best, Maud + Christine

- Maud Barg

The time taken to research the issues related to my project and the time taken to explain it all to me are deserving of a WOW rating. In addition, Peggy's pleasant demeanor and overall helpful nature definitely make me smile. She has helped make a very complicated project manageable.

- Geoffrey Wheeler

You saved my credential, not easy to get. Thanks!

- Jim Harmon

Great and prompt customer service!

- l davidson

Marc's prompt responses and professionalism are worth noting. His feedback is always clear and concise. His willingness to work with project teams to help resolve project specific circumstances is always much appreciated.

- Jonathan Burgess

Fast response with complete information! thank you!

- Lorraine

Information was timely and concise in answering my query. It was much appreciated

- Jess

It is an honest answer how the system works, although I have worked on LEED related subjects all the way through this program, but apparently I need to pass courses offered by GBCI monopoly paying $175 for materials that I know. Thank you anyway, Regards, Nahid

- Nahid Koohi

What made my experience so great was that your help was quick and hassle free. Thanks!

- Miguel E Gonzalez

John was extremely helpful and was able to fix most of my problem immediately. I could not log in to several accounts I needed to use to do my work. Now I am back in business!

- Ginny Kurrus

His promt and throughrough response made him a WOW for me.

- Tiffany Jones

Very courteous and helpful.

- Robert Marks

Cynthia is delightful to work with; technically thorough, she clearly cares to provide the best experience not only for her customers but for her colleagues, as well. I can't say enough great things about how much I love working with Cynthia, and what a high bar she sets. Thanks for your help on Case 01343704 and many many more over the last 1.5 years. WOW!

- Marni

Thanks for the quick reply!!

- jpbrout

Thank you very much .. I am a student of architecture and am doing thesis on sustainable architecture ... Thank you for you support and response...would harass you incase of any furthur questions and problems regarding igbc.

- Mishri mahadevia

The response was really useful as it accurately responded to our case and provided guidance on how to explain the reviewer the particularity of the project. Thanks!

- Magdalena Magaña P.

This lady went above and beyond to help me understand what I need to do to be re-credentialed. Thanks!

- Sherri harrison

Thank you for extending the validity!

- Aby George

Kristin provided an outstanding level of customer support throughout several communications we had with her regarding our LEED project. Kristin is an invaluable asset to GBCI - we look forward to having her as a continued resource for our projects

- Alex Spilger

Kind and understanding

- Nydia Cardona

Great conversation today. Extremely helpful and follow-up was very beneficial.

- Sheryl Swartzle

Same day response, with a very informative answer!! thank you Kristen!!

- Dave Hubka

Dear Eric, The project can be processed smoothly. Thank you for your kind help, highly appreciated. Best regards, Rena

- Lina Lu

Marnie is friendly, knowledgeable, and a terrific public face for SITES.

- Ray Mims

Lee jumped on a conf call on short notice (less than 5 mins) to listen to our interaction with GBCI and to get good context of the problems we sometimes experience in setting up discussions with the organization. He did not need to, he didn't previously commit to the time, and ultimately he could have just said no....but he consistently makes choices to better understand our interaction with GBCI and USGBC and often acts in a very selfless manner to make sure he can best support us. We recognize and appreciate the level of service that he provides!

- Landry Watson

Your reply on our issue feedback is very timely and effective.

- Jenny Gu

Brian is caring, knowledgeable professional.

- Niloofar Zarififar

Carlos followed up with my receipt quickly

- joan m bailey

Same day response to a technical/mechanical LEED question. Thank you Kristen!!

- Dave Hubka

Thank you for the quick feedback and allowing me some extra time in lieu of the circumstances.

- Steve Nienhiser

Amazing guidance provided to LEED Fellow applicants. THANK YOU!!

- Dave Hubka

Thank you for the quick response! It worked very well! :)

- Marina



Excellent service. Michael persisted in reviewing and addressing my issue/concerns thru multiple email exchanges back and forth over a period of two months, seeking additional information required to verify our compliance. I appreciate his diligence and willingness to work with our design team to come to a mutually acceptable resolution. In an organization as big as GBCI/USGBC, it is nice not to feel like "just another number" when it comes to customer service. Thank you!

- Maureen Drullard

Best M&V guidance I have ever received from GBCI!! Thank you Darci!

- Dave Hubka

Hi Darcy, Thanks very much for your help and support. It's really great to get this personal attention, especially considering GBCI's intensive work load.

- Chen Shalita

Quick and accurate response to my question. Thank you.

- Tanis A. Manseau

Speedy courteous response every time. Thank you.

- Rick Nelson

First of all, Janelle took my call within two rings, and I was neither put on hold nor forwarded here and there and every where to find the right person to talk to. Enthusiasm, patience, and friendliness where easily detected in her attitude for the duration of my call. Janelle was able to answer all my questions clearly and without hesitation. Thank you so much Janelle.

- Radwan Farid Malas

Kelli couldn't possibly have done a better job of answering my question in a timely manner and was incredibly helpful and courteous. It's hard to leave a lasting impression in under one minute over the phone, but she did just that! Thanks Kelli!

- Parker Cohn

Kristen and the USGBC / GBCI team solved my problem and completely fixed the issue. I appreciate the process to escalate my issue when the phone rep could not solve it. Problems will happen, but with the proper process they can all be fixed as well as this one. Thanks!

- Adam Troidl

Thank you so much for catching this I didn't realize I signed up for the training I thought I was renewing my membership Thank you! :)

- Chris Hacker

Timely, concise and helpful response!!

- Dennis McLaughlin

Megan Snyder has provided us with a superb support. She offered an open and positive predisposition to understand a slightly atypical design, in order to help us determine the most appropriate way to approach the certification. She answered every question thoroughly. Being the first LEED certification for the owner, Megan has provided the reassurance the owner needed to engage in the process. Case 01548285

- Francisco Minoyetti

Lauren was so fast and I got the answer I was looking for. Also she gave me extra information regarding my doubt and options to solve the problem.

- Mariana Aristizabal

Thank you for your complete and kind response. And thank you as well for the additional material. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

- Andres Schwarz

I was sending the request for special accommodation after my exam time was scheduled. Since I should have sent the request before schaduale the exam time and it would take at least 30days, my request was accepted within 2days. She helps me a lot and her prompt attemps in this matter is greatly appreciated.

- Samira Zare Mohazabieh

I appreciate the quick reply and full understanding of my issue. I look forward to continuing my relationship with the GBCI. Many thanks!

- Mark Boraski

Robert game me tha answer to my question, Case 01562783 : about the certification sunset, was easy to understand and simple. Thank you Robert!

- Junko

Megan prevented us from making quite a few mistakes, walked us through the process, took the time to understand and advise us about our project's non-standard conditions and in general provided the sense of "I got your back" needed for the owner to feel confident enough to go for it. Outstanding service.

- Francisco Minoyetti

great service

- Stephen hyndes

Dear Eric, Thank you for yuor kind reply, which is very clear and helpful. Have a nice day. Best regards, Rena

- Lina Lu

You "wowed" me again David! Thanks for your quick response!

- James Lemmon

It's always been a pleasure to write GBCI. One can be 100% assured that the query will be resolved asap with a satisfactory answer. I would like to appreciate Kanchan also for assisting most of the times both over mail and phone.

- Bhartendu Awasthi

Thank you.

- Thomas Swangin Jr


- Rim Bhattacharjee

The whole project team commends Peggy Brock's patience and promptness to solve registration issues. We are most pleased with her performance.

- Andres Schwarz

Thank you so much Carly. It was great to meet you and talk shop with you. I look forward to presenting / submitting top notch LEED submittals and look forward to another Work Zone session in Boston. thank you for your focus and attention.

- Lou Niles

Lee wows Skanska on a daily basis -- THANKS Lee for making the little adjustments and all the ways you enhance our relationship with USGBC. I remember the days before account managers and truly appreciate the wonderful difference it makes!

- Beth Heider, Skanska

Kanchan has been very helpful and I appreciate attention in rectifying an error on my part.

- Rodwell King

Thank you for the extra time and effort you took to help me be more efficient with my Cred/Mem/Edu cases. I appreciate the email recap which will further guide me in improvement.

- Dawn Strength

Jackie was very kind and understanding of my situation. She handled my request very quickly and came up with a solution within a matter of days. Jackie expressed compassion, took the necessary steps to bring my request before the board, and exhibited professionalism. Thank you Jackie!

- Yvonne Shouse

Dear Todd, Thank you for your kind help, which is very helpful and will be highly appreciated. Best regards, Rena

- Lina Lu

this ended up being a multi-stage process - getting me a link to download project information - then finding the ID that was used on a unique project - then resetting my password so I could access the information - prompt, patient, and helpful responses all along the way!

- Louisa Rettew

Thanks for your quick help!

- Heather Walters

It's always a pleasure working with Gautam. He consistently provides thorough reviews of any of our inquiries. I always feel comfortable reaching out to Gautam knowing that whatever question I have will be answered completely and accurately.

- Matthew Testani

perfect - thank you!

- Suchi Daniels

It was a clear response to my question.

- Sara Jandaghi Jafari

Cutting across layers of confusion created by USGBC staff, Shraddha provided guidance to our queries in a clear and useful manner. This has impacted the project owner's decision-making in an extremely positive way and instilled confidence in the design team for seeking a resolution from GBCI. Best wishes to her for a bright career ahead.

- Anupam Jain

Under Megan's leadership, theTechnical Customer Service team evolved from a few person team to an award winning international force of over 20 dedicated and talented staff. Megan's keen ability to create processes, solve problems rapidly, and delegate and empower others have transformed USGBC and GBCI into what they are today and the world is a better place because of you!

- Marni

I am feeling glad fully for this, i am very happy for your feed back. your green building council working for human beings which great. i pray for all of you for your happy long life with love from side of human being.

- Kazi Md. Abdul Hadid

Thank you so much for handling my tricky reopens while I was out of the office. -Rob

- Rob Stasio

Hi Lauren, Thank you so much for your reply, which is very clear and helpful. Have a nice day! Best regards, THUPDI


Really helpful, stress free conversation!

- Aileen DiPrinzio

Once again Amy went above and beyond to allow the project team ample opportunities to demonstrate credit compliance so that the target of LEED Gold was achieved. We are fortunate to be able to work with Amy.

- Dave Hubka

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